Box of Chocolates

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Merry XMAS!

This collection was a blast to make! it's a healthy mix of new material & techniques with a few tracks of older material i hadn't included before. for a couple of the songs i was playing a lot with the background sound, making it progressively change, adding more or taking stuff away, lots of ideas came to mind with this. i tried to use drums or other interesting sounds to pull the attention away sometimes so changes weren't as noticeable or to help the riff flow. a cool technique i found myself using with heavily-layered patterns was to single out a few layers that sounded interesting together and slowly or abruptly remove all other notes. when i heard how this sounded, i was interested with how colorful it was when you add something back in with the leftover layers included. it seemed really help me put together the flow of a few important parts. i also really enjoyed the variety of feelings that come from all the tracks, they all fit together really well but seem to all have their own attributes and meaning even though they share similar techniques. The end of this cd isn't as i had planned, some fucked up shit happened.

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