January Colors

it's been a wonderful new year so far! i had originally planned for this album to be made within one month to see if i could handle a simple guideline that i set for myself when making an album. still, i never found myself too rushed so the tracks seemed to just glide together! i made the entire album using a similar template, but completely different time signatures. this really worked out and seemed to make everything sound really nice and happy! i mean, the dwarkitty is so cute anyways, how could i not get so excited? i guess i learned a few new nifty tricks this time around and i can't wait to put them to better use! the track called "familiar gateways" is the original version of "let's travel the world" from "a box of chocolates." i really have no idea why i split them up like this, but both versions were equally important. The slower version from "a box of chocolates" was much easier to dance too, and was really nice relax too because you can single out the notes better. The fast version is so much more challenging to the dancer, as you have to keep up to the sounds with dance. and as it turned out, it was much more energizing when dancing to the fast version because it made me want to keep up. i wonder, if i had never listened to the slow version, would i be able to dance to the fast version so comfortably? the dukes of khaki and denim was pretty fun to make actually, i tried using a smaller version of the template but this time with kit-drum sounds. i really don't know what to say about this one, it's a little bit of a tangent song, but it seemed to flow almost too well for how stupid it sounds. i want to try this style again sometime, but perhaps for a little bit longer. mechanicasket is a wierd song too! i wanted to see if i could let you listen in on my hidden machine through music, and hell by the end of the song it even started breathing! "HO-HAAUMUELL"

dear rambunctious simpletons and humble party animals who have flung themselves through the webbed crystal abyss of infinite forevermore, ..............................RAS!
doo do doop dee dop dee dii doop dip dee di dop doo dop dop

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