Box of Chocolates

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Merry XMAS!

This collection was a blast to make! it's a healthy mix of new material & techniques with a few tracks of older material i hadn't included before. for a couple of the songs i was playing a lot with the background sound, making it progressively change, adding more or taking stuff away, lots of ideas came to mind with this. i tried to use drums or other interesting sounds to pull the attention away sometimes so changes weren't as noticeable or to help the riff flow. a cool technique i found myself using with heavily-layered patterns was to single out a few layers that sounded interesting together and slowly or abruptly remove all other notes. when i heard how this sounded, i was interested with how colorful it was when you add something back in with the leftover layers included. it seemed really help me put together the flow of a few important parts. i also really enjoyed the variety of feelings that come from all the tracks, they all fit together really well but seem to all have their own attributes and meaning even though they share similar techniques. The end of this cd isn't as i had planned, some fucked up shit happened.

Cow Town

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We all come from our own Cow Towns and they are full of magical surprises!

Cow Town is nothing but a short collection of songs that collaborate to celebrate my consciousness! i learned that the use of subtraction is just as important as was the use of addition. i found that when i subtract a note/beat/sound whatever the other sounds are occasionally interpreted differently, almost like they are a new sound altogether. I also got to make and finish "wood is a metal horse" on my 18th birthday, which was an awesome way to celebrate and it really helped finalize the overall feeling i got from the album. my favorite song of the bunch would still have to be "immature lotus leaves." I seem to hear drumming as some kind of ominous language, speaking in a such a way anyone can understand. i find this "language" to be much clearer with wooden sounds or hand drums. the last track called "CROWN" was made in the Time Signature of 20/12 and at the Tempo of 666, this was a stroke of magic by my friend named Ryan Brown. All in all, it may be a little hectic at times, with a little bit of static here or there, but i could not have wanted anything more or less to come from this album.

Hampster of Pants

the hampster of pants, about as fucking awesome winter could get! the album art is the park down the street from my house, but unfortunately you can't see the smokey hollows. this was a really wierd album to make, i tried alot of interesting experiments which were....really noisy. there turned out to be alot of wierd perks of volume and sound and quite a few tangents that never seem to end. Abandoned Savana, is a really interesting song of the bunch. at the beginning of the song it plays some sort of riff that sounds like a woman saying "Un, Savana" and at about 1:00 into the track she says it again. at first i thought i was foolish when i thought i was hearing these sounds as voices, but none of this seemed clear to me untill i finished cow town and took a look backwards. another thing to note, alot of the tracks off this album where made before After Effects and Geometrical Starshapes.

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After Effects

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The third collection of songs by the Master of Pants. turned out to have a much darker feeling than i had originally hoped for, but there are a few tracks that are silly as fuck! it taught me a lot of cool glitch techniques as well as some good vocal practice. unfortunately, the vocals were recorded with a fairly crappy headset, so i had trouble removing all of the static. my favorite song definitely has to be The Little Spider.

Geometrical Starshapes

this album was made after my first year at the Shambhala Music Festival, (can't you tell by the album art? :P ) i guess you could say a lot of the ideas portrayed from this album are much inspired by the great adventure i had during that summer. unfortunately, most of the tracks on this album are entirely made in 4/4 because i honestly didn't know any better at the time. fortunately, i knew i had such boundaries so i tried to work with them as well as outside of them. one thing i really found interesting at the time, was adding a minimalist 4/4 beat to a changing background sound. it's hard to explain, but checkout "highspeed connection starswirl" at about 2:00 to actually hear what i am talking about. something about that thought, and that part of the song that seems to send a shiver down my spine. there's a lot of pretty ridiculous track titles on this album, which all seem to portray a certain memory of a situation or two. "french speedsters" is named after two french hitch-hikers we picked up after shambhala who wanted us to find them some speed and drop them of in nelson. "slum-bucket-slur-colored-sound-shit" is about the greasiest porto-potty moment i have ever had when shit hit the fan at shambhala, :P haha one of the funniest moments of my life. i do find this album quite comical, with songs like "planet earth" and "anomoly of chicken fingers and lotus leaves" i don't expect anybody to take this shit seriously. This album was purely for fun!

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Leaking From Every Orifice

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This is a collection of the first songs i ever attempted to make electronically. most of these songs were made in Garage Band during class time, and it was the greatest experience of my life! it was weird playing with sounds at first, but i quickly got addicted and i have never had so much fun or laughed so hard. please enjoy!

Just remember... Hats, Hats! Were Looking For Hats!


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