Geometrical Starshapes

this album was made after my first year at the Shambhala Music Festival, (can't you tell by the album art? :P ) i guess you could say a lot of the ideas portrayed from this album are much inspired by the great adventure i had during that summer. unfortunately, most of the tracks on this album are entirely made in 4/4 because i honestly didn't know any better at the time. fortunately, i knew i had such boundaries so i tried to work with them as well as outside of them. one thing i really found interesting at the time, was adding a minimalist 4/4 beat to a changing background sound. it's hard to explain, but checkout "highspeed connection starswirl" at about 2:00 to actually hear what i am talking about. something about that thought, and that part of the song that seems to send a shiver down my spine. there's a lot of pretty ridiculous track titles on this album, which all seem to portray a certain memory of a situation or two. "french speedsters" is named after two french hitch-hikers we picked up after shambhala who wanted us to find them some speed and drop them of in nelson. "slum-bucket-slur-colored-sound-shit" is about the greasiest porto-potty moment i have ever had when shit hit the fan at shambhala, :P haha one of the funniest moments of my life. i do find this album quite comical, with songs like "planet earth" and "anomoly of chicken fingers and lotus leaves" i don't expect anybody to take this shit seriously. This album was purely for fun!

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