Cow Town

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We all come from our own Cow Towns and they are full of magical surprises!

Cow Town is nothing but a short collection of songs that collaborate to celebrate my consciousness! i learned that the use of subtraction is just as important as was the use of addition. i found that when i subtract a note/beat/sound whatever the other sounds are occasionally interpreted differently, almost like they are a new sound altogether. I also got to make and finish "wood is a metal horse" on my 18th birthday, which was an awesome way to celebrate and it really helped finalize the overall feeling i got from the album. my favorite song of the bunch would still have to be "immature lotus leaves." I seem to hear drumming as some kind of ominous language, speaking in a such a way anyone can understand. i find this "language" to be much clearer with wooden sounds or hand drums. the last track called "CROWN" was made in the Time Signature of 20/12 and at the Tempo of 666, this was a stroke of magic by my friend named Ryan Brown. All in all, it may be a little hectic at times, with a little bit of static here or there, but i could not have wanted anything more or less to come from this album.

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