Hampster of Pants

the hampster of pants, about as fucking awesome winter could get! the album art is the park down the street from my house, but unfortunately you can't see the smokey hollows. this was a really wierd album to make, i tried alot of interesting experiments which were....really noisy. there turned out to be alot of wierd perks of volume and sound and quite a few tangents that never seem to end. Abandoned Savana, is a really interesting song of the bunch. at the beginning of the song it plays some sort of riff that sounds like a woman saying "Un, Savana" and at about 1:00 into the track she says it again. at first i thought i was foolish when i thought i was hearing these sounds as voices, but none of this seemed clear to me untill i finished cow town and took a look backwards. another thing to note, alot of the tracks off this album where made before After Effects and Geometrical Starshapes.

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