Master of Pants - SQUINT

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Sample Track - Jumping into Paradise

A Headless Buddha Still Smiles
Jumping Into Paradise
It's Not A Marker It's An Eraser
Chicken Wings ( feat. K-dubs )
Xanani Crystilatrenai
Jake the Snake
Village Sticks
Near-Miss Report
Smoked Oysters and Vienna Sausages

This is Sobek coming in live from KITKTHCERVTHKAREAS!

Glad too see you all again, some big changes here!

I've been working very hard on my Newest Release titled " Squint "
i am no longer afraid to speak, as i finally got my voice back!
I want to tell you what it's been like making Squint,
this is a special release for me and the evolution of "Master of Pants"

I've always been an artist, in one way or another
since i was a little lad i've always loved creation,
painting, drawing, carving, anything new i could find
i suppose the reason being, i am fascinated by a finished product.
to see that after all your hard work, you time and effort can really pay off.
when i first got into "producing" tracks, i had NO IDEA what i was getting into.
i was making tracks for me and my friends to laugh at,
to see those smiles, was more than i could ask for.
for me, when somebody positively comments on my work.
even as small as "oh that is kind of cool man"
im filled with complete euphoria, sheer happiness.
on that note, i now make music for myself to enjoy,
I make it to what i want it to become, and not what i think others might want to hear.
so when somebody else enjoys it, it's just that much better!

my original thought of what i wanted my music to sound like was an unreal,
completely experimental, ridiculously silly & rambunctious,
happy & uplifting, groovy dance music paradise. it had to exist!

my early attempts were always in the right direction,
but never quite hit home to me.
i would end up with something completely fucking random,
which was awesome in ways, because i learned a shitload of new techniques,
but it never turned out to be what i originally had in mind for the track.
but yet, with every release i would continue to think "wow, this album is like WAY better than the last"
so i stook with it, under the belief of improvement.

after a very different year... and over the past couple months,
i am much more ambitious to see my ideas come into fruition.
i feel things have grown a lot, i am finally comfortable!
i have been working very slowly at this album,
making sure everything is how i wanted it to be,
no rushing, no guessing... and voila! SQUINT

first of all, squint sounds like magic to me
outerworldly spellbound voodoo business!
quarries of strange creatures and wacky environments.
every track is unique, but share their qualities and differences.
i am very happy to share this release with you!
im interested in your ideas, and your questions.
you are my brothers and sisters, and i care about you!
without any of you, there would be no me!
so if this has meant anything to you please let me know!
you can always use another friend :P

i would love to hear any kind of feedback, it means the world to me!
this release is kind of a trial-period, if all goes well i want to get it properly mixed/mastered.
as well as getting some on CD, and Vinyl ( if possible? )
i am no professional, but i do the best with what knowledge i have :)

thanks for your time

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